Individual Therapy Session $225 (50 to 60 minutes)

Family Therapy Session $250 (60 minutes)

For family sessions where more than one party is involved, please advise around any limits to confidentiality. It is expected that there will be open communication with parties regarding appointment times unless otherwise discussed with your psychologist.
There also needs to be agreement by all parties in advance to make payment for the therapy session in one transaction.

Cancellation or non-attendance of an arranged appointment fees

If you need to cancel an appointment please provide at least 24 hours notice.
A late cancellation or non-attendance fee will otherwise be charged.

Reports and letters

There is no fee for letters provided to referrers during treatment. Any other liaison with your psychologist or report writing required outside of booked session times $165 (60 minutes).

Payment Terms

Payment on the day of consultation is expected for all appointments.

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